A Steps for Web Designing: Know the Samples Now

Web design is more than the sum of its parts. The successful web designer today does not only have to create visual and aesthetically pleasing websites – he should also have conceptual and technical understanding. Whether online shop, blog or corporate website – the demands on the web design and the web designer are always more complex and require a holistic vision.

Since the field of work is changing almost daily due to new technical developments, the web designer should be extremely adaptable and be able to quickly adapt to new circumstances and requirements.

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In addition, the web designer should not work too trend-bound and know new trends, but also deal with you. In the end, there is only one goal for good web design: the user. Trends such as flat design, material design and, for example, Atomic Design are only tools (means to an end) to enable the user to have the most optimal experience with the digital product. From the Salterra Web Design Company you will be having the best option now.

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  • There are now billions of websites – but you can divide them into six types of websites on the Internet.

Before you go to the concept and the search engine optimization of your website, you should consider what you actually want to achieve with your offer. There are different types of websites. Please note that an outline of website types is not written in stone. There can also be mixed forms of these types of websites. There are also forms of niche species that are not mentioned here. This article is only intended to train the sensitivity for the different orientation of a website. A rough outline could look like this:

These websites only want one thing: sell. It does not always have to be an online shop. It could also be a service that acquires its customers via the Internet.

eCommerce Website Examples:

  • The Body Shop
  • German sea
  • Firebox
  • Indochino

Website for the generation of Lead

Leads – or so-called new customer contacts – can be generated via a website. This is especially true when products are not readily available and can only be sold in conjunction with a personal consultation. The website is used to inform about the offer and, above all, to collect the contact details of potential new customers.

Content, Media and Magazine Websites

For example, a magazine or content site could. be a well-run blog. This is simply about conveying information. An example of this would be the classic news page, but also the fashion blog next door. This site type contains information for the user.

Best Results With the SEO Friendly Directories Now

SEO is often more difficult with directories than with regular sites, because they contain less unique content. With some adjustments and these tips you score anyway.

SEO Directory tip 1: use and encourage reviews

User generated content is a good strategy to add unique content to your pages. Having customers write reviews is an easy way to get higher in search engines. You can stimulate this by offering a discount on a next order, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Let’s know more about the SEO Friendly directory now.

Discoverable directory tip 2: never use the product description of the supplier

Google loves unique content. So rewrite the description of the manufacturer and make your content unique. Read directly applicable tips: SEO writing: write as precisely as possible

SEO tip 3: Keep the product and category URLs simple

Do not fill them with useless tags, IDs and other variables, and do not let CMS do this either. Keep them as simple as possible and concentrate on keywords.

Directory tip 4: add links to product descriptions

Internally linking is a smart way to make pages more powerful for Google. By means of an internal link, pages as it were match each other. Link with similar keywords to similar products. An additional advantage is that Google values ​​anchor charts, the part of a sentence that contains the link. By linking a lot of focused internally you are easier to find on the linked words.

SEO tip 5: optimize your photos

Provide unique alt texts for all images, including product and brand names. Call an image not picture.jpg, but for example sony-a330.jpg. This creates context and because some people search via Google Images it is an extra chance that someone will find you.

Directory tip 6: use a tagging system

By tagging products – labeling – visitors can find products through a tag cloud, or by clicking on the name of the tag. This always results in a related internal link for the user – and Google -. Tagging is also useful for extensive search functions. Search by type, price range, manufacturer etc. In Joomla this is possible with the excellent free component Custom Properties.


Discoverable directory tip 7: Make sure that all products are removed from the homepage less than 3 clicks

Websites provide internal pagerank and the homepage almost always performs best in Google. Keep your products as close as possible to the source then they benefit from the popularity of the homepage. Never hide products deep in the site. You do not find your visitors and Google. Ottawa SEO Company

Bonus tip: appearance is everything

Visitors of your directory must have a good feeling with you, and the appearance and user-friendliness is essential. Put simply: if your website does not look like that and if you navigate badly, you can optimize what you want, but you do not sell much. Read more about this: Successful directory is like a real store