Handy Nursery Decorating Hacks

When you have children, you know just how easy it can be to get swept away with the craze of coloring books, picture books, toy guitars, LEGO blocks and Barbie dolls spilling across the floor. Millennial parents will want to try elevating their kids’nursery and playroom, however a lack of  inspiration from the trepidations of life with kids (and a full-time job, to say the least when motherhood is already a full-time job in and of itself) can sometimes get in the way. To get the extra mile, sometimes it takes some Handy workers to help you out and a bout of Pinterest inspirational board play. Act like a kid for a day and dare to dream higher than you ever imagined possible.


A Simple Thematic Solution

Books are an essential element of your kids’ learning, so why shove them away in a tall book case that your child can barely reach versus putting them on display very much like a children’s book store. One mother made her nursey Harry Potter-themed with a ledge for all her color-coded children’s books propped up against a black wall. Easy to move colorful bins held stuffed animals and lego blocks. Using your toys as the fun décor is a smart and practical way to DIY.


Take It To The Sky

For your athletic children, motivate them to reach for the stars with a climbing wall in their own room. If you’re worried about their safety without constant supervision, you can ask that they keep plush mats on the floor below them when they decide to climb. Choosing a monochromatic color for the wall, such as a subdued grey, can allow you to mesh the wall in with your fun arrow wallpaper or other room elements. The climbing wall (more like a bouldering wall) will also keep your kid active and thus more likely to sleep soundly when it comes to bedtime. If you’re worried about screwing the wall together, Handy professionals are certified to flow with this adventure.


Bring In An Artistic Flair

For some moms, allowing their kids to be as creative as possible is important to them while their little ones learn the alphabet and begin walking. Writing on the walls was never more acceptable than with forest green chalkboard paint. Create an art nook and your child will create murals whenever their heart desires. Not into painting? You don’t even need to pick up the paint brush since Handy has on-call painters who can easily choose your favorite colored chalkboard paint and get to work on your nursery. You’ll want to do it before the baby is born to avoid the harsh paint fumes!

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