True Opportunities for the Proper Aircon Options

During the summer heat, which is often accompanied by a high percentage of moisture in the air, salvage is found in the use of air conditioning units.However, using air conditioning should not be overemphasized.It is necessary to maintain the optimal difference between the external and internal temperatures, which should not be higher than 7 degrees Celsius.

  • In the case of excessive temperature differences, there is a change in the cardiovascular system, and problems can occur even in healthy people.
  • The optimum temperature at which the organism works flawlessly should be between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius.
  • Since bacteria, fungi, dust, pollen etc. in the air conditioner do not accumulate, it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain the filters.

The consequences of unclean and neglected air conditioners can be less serious (eye dribbling, nasal discharge, itching, allergies, headaches, coughs, abdominal pain, allergic skin changes, airway allergies, colds) to serious infections such as pneumonia or legionnaires diseases that require hospitalization and antibiotics. With the good at aircon servicing Singapore you will find the best deals here.

It is also recommended to maintain a relative humidity within the range of 40 to 60%.

Do you need to operate the air conditioner every year, even if the air conditioner uses very little (or no)?

An air conditioner service is required every year regardless of whether or not the device is used. There are several reasons for this – first of all, the service is required to keep the device under the factory warranty. Most importantly, cleaning and disinfecting filters and evaporators directly affect the quality of air you breathe. In addition, it is also necessary to check the amount of work equipment in the unit and clean the outdoor unit.

Why does the indoor unit release the magician? Is the device spoiled?

When blowing a cold air into a warm room, the mist may appear in the air – but you have no reason to worry because it is a normal appearance. With the good at aircon servicing you will find the best deal.

What to do when the air conditioner cannot cool or warm the room?

To get started, check:

  • selected desired temperature on the remote control
  • selected mode on the remote control
  • whether the current or suction opening on the unit may be blocked by some object or cloth
  • if the openings on the outdoor unit are jammed
  • If everything is OK, check the filter cleanliness

What to do when the air conditioner does not work (the indicator on the unit does not light up)?

Check the following:

  • electricity connection
  • the fuse with which the air conditioner is connected
  • batteries in the remote control

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